Promote your event

Regardless of whether you are operating individually, or as a group – there are several ways to promote your SOS Radio Week event and we’d encourage you to do so to make others aware of SOS Radio Week and your activation in particular. Here’s a few examples…

Editing your SOS Radio Week Profile

The Registered Stations page on the SOS Radio Week web site holds a short profile of all the stations that are taking part in SOS Radio Week. Please ensure that you update your profile if anything needs changing so that the page contains up-to-date information.

GB2RS News

The GB2RS News is broadcast every Sunday by the Radio Society of Great Britain at various times during the day and on different bands – in addition, it is sent our by email to subscribers. Email the RSGB ([email protected]) in plenty of time – at least two weeks before your event starts to ensure it gets mentioned.

RNLI Events Page

The events page on the RNLI’s SOS web site is there to let the public know where there are awareness and fund-raising events in their area. It would be great if we could get SOS Radio Week events posted all over the country. Email details of your special event to the RNLI Press Office.

Ensure you mention the phrases ‘amateur radio’, ‘special event station’, ‘SOS Radio Week’, the name of the lifeboat station you’ll be upporting/operating from and your callsign. A link to the SOS Radio Week web site would also be appreciated.

The local press and radio

Why not contact your local press office and invite them down to take photographs and write an article. If they don’t come, take lots of photos, write an article and send it in to them. Likewise, with your local radio station, see if you can get your event on the air. Don’t forget to mention SOS Radio Week and include a link to our web site.

One good site worth sending an article to is Q-Local – the local news web sites around the UK.