SOS Radio Week League

Who’s made the most contacts on various bands, using different modes?

Explanation of modes

Just to clarify what modes our groupings cover:

  • CW – Morse code and RF all the way
  • Phone – Digital or analogue voice and RF all the way
  • TV – SSTV. FSTV, etc. and RF all the way
  • Data – PSK, Packet, RTTY, FT8, etc. and RF all the way
  • Digital – Any mode, analogue or digital, that uses the Internet as a medium

RF all the way” means a transmitter and receiver and and RF signal between the two; no Internet bridging involved. Any communication that involves an Internet bridge should be recorded as ‘Digital’.

The league

To find out who’s top of the league for each band, or mode, simply select to sort the table by that band, or mode.

Click here to load this Caspio Online Database.