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What awards can you apply for?

Please visit the About our Awards page for further details.

Before you apply for your award

Please ensure that the stations you are submitting evidence for to claim an award are on our list of Registered Stations. We cannot accept evidence for contacts made with stations claiming to be SOS Radio Week stations that have not registered with us.

Once you’ve checked your contacts are valid please scan your logbook to show the registered stations that you have worked and save the scanned pages as a PDF file (preferable), or a JPG file (optional).

Name the PDF/JPG file as callsign.pdf/callsign.jpg, where ‘callsign’ is the callsign you used to contact the SOS Radio Week stations. This will help our Awards Manager to link the log file to the application form.

Once you’ve scanned your log sheets fill in the application form (below) and attach your log sheet/s to the application.

You can apply for your award as soon as the event is finished.

Please allow three months turnaround of your application before lodging complaints and chasing up non-receipt of award certificates as this is something that we have to fit in around our many other commitments (like work, holidays and family). Many thanks for your understanding.

Please make a donation to the RNLI

There is no charge for our awards, but we would be very grateful if you would consider making a donation to the RNLI since one of the purposes of the event is to raise money for this very fine organisation.

Award application

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