Sponsorship Forms

You can download a copy of the SOS Radio Week Sponsorship Form and print out as many copies as you like.

Turn £1.00 into £1.25 free of charge with Gift Aid

Gift Aid enables charities to reclaim the income tax that your sponsors paid on the amount they sponsored you and donated to the RNLI. For every pound donated the charity can reclaim 25p. This is a significant amount and worth the extra work of obtaining a sponsor’s address.

However, please note that HMRC are very particular about addresses and require a postcode in the address field on the sponsorship form. Addresses that do not include a postcode may not be accepted by HMRC and the tax may not be reclaimed.

Once the event is finished and you have collected all your sponsorship money it is important that you hand your sponsor forms to the RNLI station, branch that you donate your money to, or if you send your money to RNLI HQ that you send your sponsorship forms to them for the processing of the Gift Aid application.