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SOS Radio Week is open to everyone; individual or club. Those taking part in SOS Radio Week run a special event stations to raise awareness of the brave Royal National Lifeboat Institution’s (RNLI’s) crews when and where you like.

You don’t have to commit to raise money, but the RNLI are really grateful for any money that you can raise for them. This could be through sponsorship for your special event station, or through any other fund-raising activity you can think of.

Why register?

In order to raise awareness of the RNLI throughout the UK and around the world we are running the Worked SOS Radio Week award. To do this, we need special event stations to register their details with us so that we can tell chasers which stations will be on the air during the event. Furthermore, it will enable us to offer a range of certificates for working different numbers of registered special event stations.

Register now!

Before you do register, we have been asked by the RNLI to ensure that all participants read and agree to be bound by their guidelines before registering. Please click over each of the tabs below and make sure that you agree to be bound by them before proceeding (clicking over a tab a second time hides the revealed text).

Being a registered participant in SOS Radio Week entitles you to use the SOS Radio Week logo, including the RNLI fund-raising logo (right).

However, being a participant in the SOS Radio Week fund-raising event does not entitle you to use any other RNLI logo on any of your own items (be they leaflets, clothing, web sites, QSL cards etc.) unless you have the express permission of the RNLI.

The RNLI logo is a registered trademark and, being a charity that is very much in the public eye, it is all to easy for unscrupulous persons to get the logo and use it to obtain money fraudulently from unsuspecting people. In trying to regulate the use of their logo the RNLI have asked us to collate all applications for the use of the RNLI logos.

Therefore, you must contact us first with a sample of the promotional item you wish to place the RNLI logo on, in plenty of time before you intend to use the item, and we will send your request to the RNLI for authorisation.

Thank you for your help in this matter.

Being an official Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) fund raising event we have to comply with the same terms and conditions as every other official fund raising event. Don't worry though, there's nothing sinister here designed to trap you, it's all pretty much common sense and most registered participants will not have a problem with them. They're basically there to protect the good name of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution and to make sure that your event goes with a bang.

RNLI Terms and Conditions

The RNLI is very grateful to those who wish to fundraise in aid of the RNLI. To protect the RNLI’s good name and to protect those who support the RNLI, if you wish to raise money in aid of the RNLI you must agree to and comply with the following:-

1. In these terms and conditions references to an activity includes all types of fundraising events and activities.

2. If you are organising an activity to raise money in aid of the RNLI you agree to:-

2.1. Be responsible for all costs and expenses relating to the activity;

2.2. Be responsible for the safe conduct of the activity and take all steps necessary to protect the health and safety of activity participants and spectators, including carrying out all necessary risk assessments, providing all necessary safety equipment and the supervision of participants and spectators;

2.3. Obtain and maintain appropriate insurance for the activity, to cover, in particular, risk of injury or death to participants and spectators;

2.4. Comply with all applicable laws and regulations of any country in which the activity is to take place or be publicised, and obtain all necessary licences and consents, in relation to the conduct of the activity; and

2.5. Comply with all relevant Institute of Fundraising Codes of Practice.

In relation to all activities (whether organised by you or someone else):-

3. You:-

3.1. Agree to comply with any safety guidelines or other activity rules;

3.2. Accept that the onus is on you to ascertain whether there are any risks associated with you taking part in the activity and confirm that you are not aware of any medical condition or impairment that may be detrimental to your health if you participate in the activity. If you become aware of any such medical condition or impairment you will withdraw from the activity. If you are in any doubt as to your physical ability to take part in the activity you must consult your doctor;

3.3. Accept that you are taking part in and/or organising the activity on your own initiative and agree to participate in the activity entirely at your own risk; and

3.4. Agree that you will not hold the RNLI, its officers, employees, volunteers or agents liable for any loss, injury, damage or costs that may result from the activity or your participation in it caused in any way other than through the negligence of the RNLI. We recommend that you obtain personal accident insurance cover for any activity involving risk of injury.

4. If a claim is made against the RNLI in relation to the activity or arising out of any breach by you of these terms and conditions, you agree to reimburse the RNLI for any sums which the RNLI pays as a result of that claim including, but not limited to, any associated legal or other costs and expenses.

5. You agree to make clear that you are raising funds in aid of the RNLI and will not indicate or imply that you represent the RNLI or that your activity is run by the RNLI.

6. You must only use any sponsorship forms, posters, banners, leaflets, badges or other RNLI materials provided to you by the RNLI (whether in hard copy or electronic form) (“RNLI Materials”) in connection with the specific activities which you have notified the RNLI of and in connection with which the RNLI has authorised you to raise money in aid of the RNLI (“Notified Activities”). You must not use any RNLI Materials in connection with any other activities without first obtaining the RNLI’s written approval.

7. The RNLI provides pre-designed fundraising materials for you to fill in with your activity details and use to promote your activity. You must not use the RNLI name or logo nor any other RNLI trade marks (“RNLI Trade Marks”) nor any images of the RNLI’s lifeboats, lifeboat crews, lifeboat stations, beach lifeguards or beach lifeguard units (“RNLI Images”) on materials created by you without the RNLI’s prior approval (see - Request to use RNLI Trade Marks or RNLI Images in fundraising materials).

8. You agree:-

8.1. To comply with the Fundraising in aid of the RNLI – Your essential guide booklet and any other fundraising or other guidance issued to you by the RNLI;

8.2. Not to take any costs relating to your activity out of funds raised unless:-

8.2.1. This has been agreed with the RNLI; and

8.2.2. You have made this clear to sponsors and other donors before asking them to sponsor you/make a donation/buy a ticket etc.

9. If you send us any photos or video of your activity you agree that the RNLI may publish or broadcast them to publicise the work of the RNLI and to promote fundraising in aid of the RNLI.

10. You agree that you will not do anything to harm the RNLI’s good name and reputation.

11. You must not use the RNLI Trade Marks nor any RNLI Images to promote your business (nor that of anyone else) without entering into an appropriate corporate relations agreement with the RNLI. In particular, you must not use the RNLI Trade Marks, RNLI Materials nor RNLI Images on or in relation to any of your products or services or on the packaging, advertising or promotional materials for your business, products or services nor as part of any domain name.

12. If requested to do so by the RNLI, you agree to immediately stop fundraising in aid of the RNLI and return to the RNLI any RNLI Materials you have. You agree that if this happens you will immediately:-

12.1. Return any funds you have raised in aid of the RNLI to your sponsors or to any persons who have paid to take part in your planned activity (if the activity has not yet happened) and then immediately pay any money (not returned in this way) to the RNLI; and

12.2. Stop using any RNLI Materials you still have and return them to the RNLI (or destroy them if asked to do so by the RNLI) and delete any electronic copies you have of the RNLI Materials.

Notes to the above terms and conditions

The following points have been amended for SOS Radio Week:

6. The SOS Radio Week Management Committee have been given permission to use our own official SOS Radio Week sponsorship forms.

7. & 11. The SOS Radio Week Management Committee have been given permission to use the RNLI logo on its products/materials providing we receive official approval from the RNLI in advance of their use. These are the only products/materials that you can use during the event. Even if told by a member of an RNLI lifeboat station, branch, or guild that you can use RNLI logos, you cannot without first obtaining the approval of the RNLI. If you wish to produce any of your own products/materials bearing the RNLI logo, you must submit them to us for approval before they can be used - approval can take several weeks, so please ensure that you give us plenty of time.

SOS Radio Week guidelines

The following guidelines are designed to protect the intellectual property rights of the Lifeboat Amateur Radio Society, SOS Radio Week Management Committee and those third parties that supply images and content for publication on the web site and in our publicity materials.

1. You may use the SOS Radio Week logo on any freely available publicity materials and QSL cards produced in connection with your fundraising station.

All other use of the logo must be agreed with the SOS Managent Commitee.

2. Please do not download any other images from the web site without first asking permission. This is because the copyright holder might object to its use in circumstances - it's only fair to ask permission first.

3. All images on this web site are the copyright property of Derek Hughes (G7LFC) unless otherwise stated. When permission is granted to use an image from the web site please make sure that clearly acknowledge the copyright holder in the following format:

Copyright © Copyright holder's name

4. You may download and freely use any of the QSL cards stored on the SOS Radio Week web site for use during your SOS Radio Week fund raising activities providing you; do not sell the QSL cards, do not edit or modify the QSL cards in any way (except to overlay your station's callsign), do not incorporate the QSL cards in your own design and that you do not remove any of the copyright notices or credits. This is because we have obtained permission for these QSL cards to carry the RNLI logo and and any changes will require us to apply for permission again.

5. Please make sure that your event has adequate public liability insurance. Members of clubs affiliated to the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) will be covered under the RSGB Club Insurance scheme. A copy of the certificate of insurance, policy documents and frequently asked questions can be found on the RSGB's Club Insurance pages, make sure you print a copy of the documents and have them with you during your event. Please note that the Lifeboat Amateur Radio Society in not currently affiliated to the RSGB and membership of it does not afford you any insurance benefits.


If you are happy with the above guidelines you can now register by completing the form below:

Please note, fields marked with a * are required and must contain data before the registration form can be submitted. Many thanks.

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