Why we support the RNLI

The winter of 2013/14 saw some of the worst storms in living memory relentlessly hit the UK, one after another. This resulted

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A brief history of the RNLI

Britain and Ireland have a tough time; their coasts lie on three very different stretches of water all with one thing in

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The RNLI today

The Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) has come a long way since 1824. Those early pioneers of the lifeboat service were unbelievable

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SOS Radio Week 2017: 21st – 29th January

The next SOS Radio Week will start at 00:00 on Saturday the 21st January and end at 23:59 on Sunday the 29th January. Could all stations that intend to run a station to celebrate the work of the RNLI please register so that chasers can claim their official awards.

What is SOS Radio Week?

SOS Radio Week is: Nine days of fun, non-competitive, operating An opportunity for Amateur Radio operators and clubs to celebrate...

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When is SOS Radio Week?

SOS Radio Week takes place at the end of January each year to coincide with the Royal National Lifeboat Institute's...

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Register for SOS Radio Week

SOS Radio Week is open to everyone; individual or club. Those taking part in SOS Radio Week run a special...

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About SOS Radio Week awards

We will be issuing awards to those Amateur Radio stations and Shortwave Listeners around the world that make contact with...

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SOS Radio Week 2017: 21st – 29th Jan 2017

SOS Radio Week logoOnce again SOS Radio Week will be running between the last two weekends in January.

Registered stations

Registered SOS Radio Week stations will be on the air during these dates raising awareness of the work that the brave crews of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution perform every day of the year.

Register now to take part in SOS Radio Week as a registered station.

Abersoch Lifeboat - Night launchChaser stations & Awards

Chasers are stations that work the registered stations and they can apply for various awards dependent on how many registered stations they work. Chasers can be from any country in the world.

Chasers apply for your award after SOS Radio Week has finished.